My Friends Think I Have No Friends — Life of an Introvert

Olapeju Kazeem
2 min readJul 14, 2021

I’ve tried to convince them several times that I do, but they just don’t believe me.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay (Pexels)

Can I count my dogs? I mean I guess their family…🤔🤔

I’m a hardcore introvert. I’m not shy and I certainly do not hate people. Quite the opposite actually. I love meeting new people and engaging in deep conversations with them. For you to have deep conversations, you need to be in a small group. The smaller the group, the more in-depth and personal you can go.

I tend to make a lot of new friends this way. I think this means I belong to many tiny small circles that will never meet. I hardly ever go the the-friend-of-a-friend route unless I’m in a social situation that calls for it. What’s more, my friends are from different backgrounds, cultures and countries, so it makes the distance between the circles even larger.

That’s why when I hang out with a friend, they are under the impression that I have no other friend. Because there is no one else when we’re together. I like it that way though, I like having intimate time with one friend at a time. I do that because I don’t call or text often, so when we are finally together after maybe half a year, I get to hear everything about your life and give you 100% of my attention.

I’m sure I could easily fix the situation by introducing them to each other, but that’ll be a disaster! As stated earlier, I’m friends with different kinds of people. If I gathered all my friends in one room, there’s going to be hate simmering all day long. Some of their personalities won’t mix well at all. The train wreck would be worth a fortune, 100% reality TV material.

So what are my options? Nothing, I just have to keep insisting that I’m not a loner. It’s fun though. Each friend knows a specific piece of me. So if they ever all come together, they’ll have the whole of me.



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